Japan Odyssey 2024: NDS Malaysia 1st Study Trip🎌[日本研修旅行]

February 8, 2024 by

Konichiwa, fellow adventurers! Buckle up as we reminisce about the thrilling escapade that was our Japan Trip 2024. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of Pokemon battles, breathtaking Skytree views, and a taste bud fiesta that will make you want to book your ticket to the Land of the Rising Sun ASAP!

Pokémon Palooza : A Pikachu Welcome Party 🎉

Our adventure kicked off with Pikachu waving at us in Narita Airport – a greeting that set the tone for the Pokémon frenzy that splashed us with a hint of nostalgia and a dash of excitement as we ventured into this vibrant world of Pokemons. Tokyo, a mecca for Pokemon enthusiasts, served as our playground for epic battles and thrilling captures. Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charmander became our trusty travel companions as we explored the city, making every street corner a potential Pokemon hotspot. 

With a hidden Pokemon store nearby that sells Pokemon merch from limited Pokemon cards, keychains, stickers, plushies, mugs, and even baby clothes! You can spend your money here to get these limited edition merch's that you can't buy in your home country plus some don't even sells online. There are new changes here

Skytree Chronicles: Where the Sky's the Limit 🏙️

If you think the excitement ended with Pokemon, think again! The iconic symbol of Tokyo, awaited you with an open arms that is filled with the panaromic views that will left you breathless. From 634 meters above ground, Tokyo Skytree will become our majestic playground. From breathtaking views to dizzying heights, every step we took felt like a leap into the clouds. Who knew reaching such heights could be this exhilarating?

Pro tip: visit during sunset for an extra dose of magic.

Chill Vibes Only: Embracing the Cold with Warmth 🌨️

Now, let's talk about the weather. Japan's cold season greeted us with open arms, but fear not – we embraced it like true champions. Wrapped in layers, our spirited group turned the chilly atmosphere into a playground of laughter and unforgettable memories. 

As Malaysian, we never get to experienced real snow until we went to a country that has it. With soft snowfalls and subtle winds blowing, everyone get to feel the minus degree weather for real and it is COLD! Cozying up with hot cocoa or coffee during the cold sessions were nothing short of heartwarming. 

Ramen, Gyoza, Curry and more? -Oh My!

A trip to Japan is incomplete without indulging in it's culinary wonders, and oh boy, did we feast! Ramen joints with savory broths, perfectly pan-fried gyoza that melted in our mouths, and Japanese curry that danced on our taste buds -each meal was a culinary masterpiece. Our taste buds embarked on a flavor adventure, leaving us in a blissful food coma after every sitting.

Of course, we can't forget the authentic sushi that is handmade in front of you with fresh items or even going to try yakitori or even halal BBQ wagyu! Since we traveling with people that are Muslim and some that cant eat beef or pork, there are many vegan, vegetarian, and also halal- friendly restaurants around Tokyo. 

Other than savory foods, we can't miss out on their cute desserts such as their fluffy pancakes and also their crepe! Filled with fresh whip cream wrapped in a warm crepe and sprinkled with fresh fruits, you can't go wrong with these sweet desserts.