NDS career support team have visit OLM Asia! [OLM Asiaを訪問しました!]

February 8, 2024 by

NDS Malaysia career support team have visited OLM Asia recently!

Thank you for welcoming us to visit your studio!

NDS Malaysia Career Support Team have visited OLM Asia animation Studio that is located in Malaysia!

Sakurazawa-san, an Animator Supervisor at OLM Asia, has been a representative person to guide us around the studio and also explain in more detail about the company to us.

He has spoke passionately about what are the necessary skills and what to emphasized in this type of animation production especially in the animation industry. 

The most important thing that any designer or animator needs before going into the workforce is; socializing and enjoying the student life while creating memorable memories with the one you cared or love including your friends. This memories can be useful in creating new ideas and boost your creative thinking when trying to come out with a new animation idea.

About OLM Asia

OLM Asia is not just an animation studio; it's a creative powerhouse that specializes in 2D animation, 3D animation, and mind-blowing VFX that is a Malaysia-based company from the OLM Group. The moment we set foot inside, we were greeted with a symphony of artist, animators, and technical wizards working together to bring fantastical worlds to our screens. 

They also have an expanded their horizons by producing TV shows and films for the global market where they are delighted to continue to create more amazing animations that will make more anime fans across the world. 

There are many famous animation that has been released by OLM Asia but the most famous that many people knows are Pokemon, Yo-kai watch and also Beyblade. 

In conclusion, our visit to OLM Asia was not just a tour of an animation studio; it was an immersion into a world where imagination knows no bounds. From the iconic characters we grew with to the cutting-edge techniques shaping the future of animation, OLM Asia stands as a testament to Malaysia's contribution to the global animation landscape. A huge shoutout to our career team for opening the doors to this enchanting realm! Until the next adventure, animated dreams and beyond  🌟🎬


Darishini February 8, 2024
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