🦾NDS Malaysia visited to Bandai Namco Filmworks! 🤖 [Bandai Namco Filmworksに訪問しました]

March 4, 2024 by

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite anime and video games? Well, buckle up because we recently embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, delving deep into the heart of creativity at Bandai Namco Filmworks. And let us tell you, it was nothing short of extraordinary!

1. Beyond the Velvet Rope: A personalized Studio Soiree

Our adventure began with a stroke of luck -a chance to explore the inner sanctum of Bandai Namco Filmworks, an opportunity typically reserved for a select few due to stringent copyright and IP protection measures. Thanks to strong relations, we found ourselves stepping into a world where the magic of anime comes to life. 

*PS: Due to strict P&C and copyright right rules there in the studio, we can't take any pictures or record any video during the tour other than the designated photo area.*  

2. Gundam's Maestro Unveils the Tapestry: Animation Timelines and Beyond

A highlight of our visit was the creator of the Gundam IP himself.  In an insightful session, we gained a comprehensive understanding of the animation timeline. Our minds were treated to a vivid canvas that stretched far beyond animation, encompassing music, games, series, and merch. The Bandai Namco Group, we learned, is a symphony of creative brilliance.

3. Pencils and Dreams: The Timeless Art of 2D Animation

Witnessing the magic of the 2D animation drawing was a mesmerizing to us. The artist with a mastery that left us in awe, brought characters to life stroke by stroke. The dance of creativity and precision unfolded before our eyes, showcasing the intricate process behind the captivating animations we cherish. 

Photo taken from Bandai Namco website

4. The Art of Crafting Seconds

While looking around the studios, we manage to talk to some of the animators and producers while they are working. They provided us with a glimpse into the meticulous world of animation creation. A particularly enlightening discussion revolved around the time investment for a 5-second framework. The dedication and passion required to craft those brief moments left an incredible mark on our understanding of the animation process. 

5. Peering into Tomorrow

As if the excitement wasn't already palpable, we were treated to some sneak peeks of upcoming projects. While sworn to secrecy about the finer details, the tantalizing glimpses assured us that Bandai Namco Filmworks is set to dazzle fans with future masterpieces. 

6. The Artistic Blueprints: Keyframe and Anime Sagas

The studio generously shared keyframe storyboards from some of their iconic anime projects. Witnessing the evolution from initial sketches to the final animated scenes provided a rare insight into the creative blueprint that brings these beloved stories to life. Some of their iconic anime projects that were created at their studios were Gintama, Tiger & Bunny 2, Inuyasha and many more -these legendary creations had their roots in the meticulous planning captured in those keyframes.